Reflection 011

Now, I realize that I haven’t shared too many quantitative metrics. While I do have them for these goals and feel that goals are only as good as their attached “measurables,” these more qualitative thoughts shared above hit harder for me, at least right now. Why? Because I’m sitting in my parents’ kitchen, typing this and reflecting on how the Lord orchestrated it all. Sure, I may have written down these goals. However, I feel they were all informed by him, and they played out in ways that I never could have written up this time last year—again, it all points to him.

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Reflection 009

Sometimes, you have to put down the pen, which can be used to craft, or process a life that you thought you’d have, and try living life IRL. Yes, I usually blame my writing absences on being busy or having something too difficult to share at the moment. But this time, I haven’t wanted to write because I didn’t need to write.

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Reflection 008

So, I’m not really any emotional guy. Actually, strike that I am an emotional guy, but it doesn’t really manifest itself through real, live tears.

The exception to this rule is whenever the Lord decides to minister to me through song. This happened at church this past Sunday during our time of Communion.

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