Reflection 013: Joy of predictable movies

Thanks for reading. No, I didn’t originally intend for this post to lead to “dating tips,” but I guess that’s where we’ll close. However, I stand by my thought: there is joy in predictable (and I’ll add here “romantic”) movies. It’s probably unlikely that your life will mimic whatever unfolds on the screen, but I do believe there can be still learnings (or takeaways) from watching it, even if it’s just joy (or courage!).

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Reflection 012: Word(s) for the year

Then, (and I guess there’s more of a “step-by-step” than I realized) I start jointing down thoughts, which can be turned into goals for the new year. The “end result” of this is a “word for the year.”

I started doing this a few years ago because I’d heard a friend of mine speak on a young-professional panel, and he commented on how beneficial his version of this “exercise” had became during his twenty-something years. So, naturally, being the achiever that I am, I decided to try it for myself.

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Reflection 005

Last week, a mentor of mine spoke to my Community Group. Picture this: fourteen 20-somethings sitting around listening to a man with a ton of wisdom — just asking him questions and eating up every word. It was pretty great, and I'm super thankful that he'd give up his evening to spend time with us.

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