Reflection 006

So that’s what I’ve been processing over the past 48 days. I’m writing this during a “introvert night” that I’m having. It wasn’t planned, but it’s something that I felt needed to happen.

I don’t always know how the Lord is going to use the words that come to my mind, but I trust that they come to mind for a reason. Occasionally, I put them here for you to process alongside me.

Thank you for journeying alongside me. I confess that I’m a sentimental twenty-something guy, who has a lot of feelings and doesn’t always know how to process them. So, thanks again for following along this creative outlet known as #drewinthecity!

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Reflection 005

Last week, a mentor of mine spoke to my Community Group. Picture this: fourteen 20-somethings sitting around listening to a man with a ton of wisdom — just asking him questions and eating up every word. It was pretty great, and I'm super thankful that he'd give up his evening to spend time with us.

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How to: Think About Community

Why do I tell you that? Well, I feel as though there's a "cultural moment" happening now. My viewpoint is that people feel all the more isolated at the very point when we have the most access to people (called "friends") than we've ever had before. 

Now, I'm not going to continue down a path of discussing the effects (positive or negative) of social media usage, but I do know it's made its mark on this conversation of community and belonging. 

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The 2018 Birthday Review

As another year slips by, I wanted to take a few lines to reflect on seasons come and gone, birthdays in general, and the like. The intent here isn’t to be super “mushy,” but that’s often hard to fully avoid when your birthday is on the “day of love.” :)

Below, I’ve organized these thoughts in an FAQ format because, whether you believe it or not, these actually are pretty frequently asked questions. Most likely, again, because my birthday is on the “day of love.”

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