Reflection 009

Sometimes, you have to put down the pen, which can be used to craft, or process a life that you thought you’d have, and try living life IRL. Yes, I usually blame my writing absences on being busy or having something too difficult to share at the moment. But this time, I haven’t wanted to write because I didn’t need to write.

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Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

At my new job, I have the great privilege of building relationships with content creators (aka influencers). I’ve been there roughly two months, and I’m very thankful for the lessons already learned. (It’s the perfect “behind the scenes” role I mentioned here.)

Recently, I came across the bio of a new blogger. In the first few lines, she mentioned the inspiration of her mother, who passed away earlier this year from West Nile Virus. It was Valentine’s Day.

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