How to: Process Dating

In The Sound of Music, there's a song called "Maria;" and as I'm sure (or hope!) most of you know, it's the one when the nuns ask, "How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?"

As a general note about me, songs pop into my head without any real explanation, and then I just go for days singing it. Lately, it's been this song. Again, I don't really know why; but nevertheless, I'm using it as the hook for this post.

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You've Got A Friend in Me

In the past, I’ve been characterized as a “nester,” meaning I’m someone who wants to know who my “crew” is and live life. I don’t mean to be exclusive; I just recognize the deep desire I have to know (and be known by) others. That being said, I’ve found a lot of freedom in acknowledging my tendencies, surrendering my fears, and striving ahead. I trust that the Lord sees me where I am and longs for me to fulfill His commandments among strong community.

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You'll Be in My Heart

Above all, I hope you see the seriousness of this. I also hope that you feel encouraged: you aren't alone in the daily struggles (work, family, temptation, etc) that vie for attention. But, it is on you to take the next step, and I hope you're able to humbly walk in community as you take it. And if not, know that I'll be praying that a new community is presented to you, one that's built on love, trust, kindness, grace, and patience. 

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