Reflection 008

So, I’m not really any emotional guy. Actually, strike that I am an emotional guy, but it doesn’t really manifest itself through real, live tears.

The exception to this rule is whenever the Lord decides to minister to me through song. This happened at church this past Sunday during our time of Communion.

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What's This?

Admittedly, I’ve been busy, getting acclimated to a new job and managing a few volunteer responsibilities. I was pleased with the momentum I had towards the backend of the summer, but I've had to prioritize other things over the past few weeks.

Additionally, I’ve had a lot on my mind (with so much happening in the news, etc.). I haven’t known how to best put it to words, which has kept me from posting.

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When You Believe

In college, I was asked to speak in Convocation, which is the university’s “chapel hour.” My talk was part of an annual series highlighting testimonial reflections of graduating seniors. My goal was not to rattle off accomplishments or tell funny stories; instead, I wanted to point others to God. While it’s important to plan ahead, He ultimately has a better one in store.

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