#SayHi to Joy

March in New York is a tricky one! It brings some initial promise of warmer days but also the sporadic reminder of the winter that's just been. 

While I don't really mind winter anymore, I still find myself longing for the next thing, and March is the dreaded "transition month." I'd rather rip off the bandage and get things started. However, I'm finding that it's probably in my best interest to sit, wait, and ponder.

It's good to take time to reflect on past seasons and lessons learned, for it gives us a greater appreciation of life in general. We're able to understand what's been and what is and find joy in it all. For me, my faith plays a big part in that, knowing that the Lord has a great love for me (and for you!). 

This allows me to take the deep breath that's needed and then exhale. That being said, this post is a quick inflection point to celebrate some recent joy. 


Recently, I hung out with my friend and coworker Joshua. I needed to shoot some content for a partnership post for Old Navy (outtakes below), and he was very kind to help me.

We walked around Soho, grabbed the content needed, and hurried over to Happy Bones for coffee. It was the first time in a bit that I'd been in front of the camera, sporting a happier mood.


Joshua and I like to talk shop in terms of photography and fashion, and he said to me, "Drew, people don't want to see dreary buildingsโ€”they want to see you!" Admittedly, I haven't been in the best of spirits to "show them me," so I'm very grateful for his friendship, encouragement, and expertise behind the camera.


While this post isn't sponsored by Old Navy (see that content here), feel free to check out some of their latest stuff at oldnavy.com! It certainly did the trick to help put some pep (and joy!) back in my step, just in time for those (fingers crossed) sunnier days ahead.


Thanks again for tracking with me over the past few months! Sometimes, I feel convicted, thinking that I'm dragging out this season; but I've come to acknowledge (and hopefully rejoice in) the fact that it happened for a purpose (even if I don't fully understand it). I can make peace with it, use it to inform my current season, and enjoy whatever's to come!