Resources for Millennials

Hey y'all! How are you doing? 

First, thank you for following along as I've started writing again. I'm grateful for the opportunity this space creates to share lessons, initiate conversation, and provide resources for us to pursue Christ together. Your support is very much appreciated. 

As I've been trying to reorganize thoughts and seek out what God is calling me to do/be as a Christian in New York, I've found a lot of encouragement from a few avenues. They aren't a replacement for Scripture reading but have brought further clarity to questions of how to live a Gospel-centered life in the context of my season, my city, and my sinful nature. 

Below, I'm sharing these in list form, but I hope you don't see it as "do these things in this order." Instead, think of it as things worth checking out and wrestling with as you go about your walk with the Lord.

What are you reading these days? Feel free to comment below; I'd love to hear! 

Check this out

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[SERMON SERIES] Gospel in Life: Marriage by Tim Keller

[MINISTRY] The Porch Dallas

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