Reflection 015: Heading back northward

Today is my final day at the #hallhomestead, and per usual, I have mixed emotions. This trip has been my longest trip home since first moving to New York in 2014, and it seems like even 11 days isn’t enough. On the flip side, though, I’m ready for the zooming New York buzz again.

In a few hours, I’ll start packing up my suitcase. I’m not sure if everything will fit, so I may have to leave some things in my “Mississippi bedroom.” Or, I’ll see if I can ship things. However, it is a pretty fun thing, leaving trinkets behind in Mississippi for them to be part of my “greeting brigade” next time I’m in town—almost like my version of a Toy Story cheer, “Andy’s home! Andy’s home!”

Anyway, I’ll pack up my things in a few hours before settling in for one last sleep on my “Mississippi bed,” which is this really rad sleigh bed that my parents found at an estate sale. And, inside this really rad sleigh bed is probably the best mattress I’ve ever had in a bedroom. This is probably why I slept in most mornings during this trip, catching as many “Z’s” as possible before I head back home to New York.

Speaking of home, I do refer to New York as home now, but Mississippi will always have a very special place in my heart. We may have had a love/hate relationship at times (during my moody, independent teen years), but it’s the place that keeps watch over most of my “Smith/Hall/Thames/Nash/Ellzey” family, for which I’m forever grateful. And it’s for this reason that I’ll come back as many chances as I can get.

Today, as we all take one step closer toward 2019 (and I take one extra step on my suitcase so it’ll close), let me encourage you to hug the necks of those you love, to dare to do great things this new year, and to, as Paul writes in Philippians 3, “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called [us] heavenward in Christ Jesus.”