Reflection 005

"Slow and steady" is a descriptive phrase I find myself using often. I'm usually not this, but it's what I long to have, or to be.

Last week, a mentor of mine spoke to my Community Group. Picture this: fourteen 20-something guys sitting around listening to a man with a ton of life experience and wisdom — just asking him questions and eating up every word. It was pretty great, and I'm super thankful that he'd give up his evening to spend time with us.

At one point, he challenged us to prioritize "rhythms of rest." And by rest, he didn't mean leisure. It was pretty interesting 1) hearing this charge, but 2) unpacking the differences between rest and leisure. It begs us to ask the question, "Does scrolling aimlessly through the feeds on a phone screen really count as restful, or is that just leisure?"

This is something that I'm processing still, and I hope you'll process it along with me. Admittedly, I'm not the greatest at carving our regular times of rest — I usually just rest (and I mean really rest) when my body tells me its had enough. Thus, this challenge to establish a rhythm of such a thing hit home.

What about y'all? What are your rhythms of rest? If you have input, please comment below.