Reflection 004

"Do I post things [on social media] for specific people to see?"

A friend voiced this question to me the other night as we bopped around the Upper West Side. I believe he was asking it of himself and processing his answer aloud, but I also had to ask myself the same thing.

The answer is "Yes, I do this." However, I'm not 100% sure the posted content is always for the same person or type of person to see, meaning I don't always feel like answering that question affirmatively is necessarily a negative thing. It's just a thing.

(Note: I want to pursue my photography more, and one way to do that is to showcase my progress on social media.)

Regardless, this specific conversation is still a "heart check." I'm a guy who's had professional experience in the digital/social world. I see its benefits: how it helps spread a message and showcase a product, service, or story. I'm grateful for that experience, but I also know consistent "heart checks" are needed.

Why? Because it's ephemeral. The likes fade, and the pursuit of more is exhausting.

Ultimately, I pray that we can be informed through social media, that we'll find new creativity and joy, that we might even make new "friends" or reconnect with old ones. But, I also pray that we wouldn't be identified solely by our presence on those platforms, or feel the need to be identified by however we try to position ourselves via the content we post.

A lot of research has been shared, discussing the effects of social media and the current states of "connectedness" and "loneliness." I'm not going to unpack those studies here, but I recommend you Google a few and read for yourself.