Reflection 002

From a recent trip to Denver

From a recent trip to Denver

There’s just something about getting on a plane that helps you process life.

A buddy of mine said something to this effect the other night. We were talking about recent travels and our "plane routines," alternating between lightheartedness and more serious reflection.

This is usually the way conversation goes whenever we hang out, for neither of us really knows how to just let a conversation be a conversation. We're always looking for the deeper meaning, hopefully pointing each other to Jesus along the way — the prayer I have for all of my interactions and friendships.

Over the years, I've confided in him quite a bit about my life and how I interact (or hopefully interact) with others. He has a similar heart for hospitality, so he understands a lot about how I process things. I'm really grateful for this.

Luckily, I got on a plane a few days afterwards, giving me the opportunity to process further while actually being in flight. While there's nothing really new about it (I've been on planes regularly since about the 4th grade), I seem to have a greater appreciation for this uninterrupted time in the air.

Why? Because I'm alone with my thoughts. And why's that? 

  • The planes on which I've flown recently haven't had the fancy tv consoles. 
  • I recently halted my Spotify Premium account, so I don't have a plethora of downloaded music.
  • I've been flying solo, so no friends or family with whom to talk.

Now, I realize that it's not realistic to say, "Ok, everyone! Go get on a plane, and your life will be better." However, I would recommend the following:

  • Spend time alone, even if just for 20-30 minutes. Journal, run/walk, or just sit.
  • Then, spend time with a close friend, but turn off your phone. Don't capture the moment; just be in the moment. 
  • Find a way to have the first two bullets be part of your regular rhythm of life.

After reading this over in my head, I'm reminded of the Ben Rector song "30,000 Feet." Here are some of the lyrics:

Sometimes we can get lost living in the here and now
Sometimes it takes the sky to see what’s on the ground

[Chorus 2]
I’ve been better, I’ve been worse
I’ve chased after pretty girls
I’ve seen a couple places that I never thought I’d see
I’ve walked into harder times, I’ve walked out the other side
It seems like you end up getting what you need
Yeah, looking down from 30,000 feet
Life’s been good to me
Good to me
— Ben Rector

As I reflect on life and the ways that these lyrics apply to my own, I have to agree with my buddy's statement: There is just something about getting on a plane (or just talking to a good friend who's like a brother!) that helps you process things. May we rejoice and thank God for the blessings of this day and prayerfully anticipate the goodness of His coming again.