Podcasts to Consider


You may have already guessed this, but I don't have a car in the city. When I was a teenager, though, I couldn't wait to get my license and start driving. Now, that's the last thing on my mind (unless I'm wanting to take a trip off the train lines).

Thanks to the city's public transit, I have a lot of down time. Lately, I've wanted to use this time for educational purposes. I don't like to read on the train, so I've started (or rather am starting) to get on the podcast bandwagon. While I still haven't listened to "Serial," I do have a few others to recommend.

  1. The Road Back to You: This one walks through the enneagram. I'm a "Two."
  2. Little Gold Men: This is Vanity Fair's conversation-packed roundup of all things movie and tv, especially as it relates to "Awards Season."
  3. The Heart of Dating: Listen to this for some great interview-style content about dating and marriage from the Christian perspective. (It doesn't hold back.)
  4. The Daily: The Times puts this out, and it features a more in-depth, inquisitive spotlight on various trending news stories.
  5. The Dave Ramsey Show: Tune in for practical steps toward financial peace. 

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, please send any/all recommendations my way.