Photo Session #3: Shwag Dance Class

People who step out of their comfort zones to learn a new skill inspire me. Whether it's art or sport, tech or home DIY, there's an endless list of ways to "learn for life." All you have to do is try.

Last year, some friends and I were playing volleyball in Riverside Park. Two people started talking about their love of social dance and wondered what it could look like to start teaching swing and shag ("shwag") in the city. (It's possible these two had previously engaged in this type of conversation, but I was around for this part.) 

Fast forward to now. The same two people have successfully completed about a five month stint of weekly classes. I believe it started with three couples and grew to 30-40 people. I participated in one of the earlier lessons but sadly wasn't able to continue due to scheduling conflicts.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled when they asked me to come grab photos on the night of their last summer class. Here are a few of the highlights:

(Disclaimer: I fidgeted with settings probably a bit too much, so we've got a few different lighting situations happening. Onward and upward, I'm excited to keep learning!)

If you're interested in joining the fun, feel free to drop me a line, and I can get y'all connected.