Photo Session #9: Marianna for Mistletoe Marketplace



Photo Session #9

Hey y'all! How's your week going? 

I can't believe we're nearing the end of January, but I must say: let's keep this new year rolling! I'm so grateful for the encouragement you've shown so far this year as I commit to creating (and sharing!) my "become a more confident photographer" journey. 

This week's edition features Marianna, a friend and fellow Mississippian and Ole Miss fan (Go Rebs!). She's an actress and comedian in the city, who graciously took time away from her Saturday afternoon to help me out.

Originally, we were just going to do some test headshots, but then her mom had a special ask. You see, there's this thing in Mississippi called "Mistletoe Marketplace." It's an annual holiday bizarre of sorts, where people can score some really great gifts and party supplies for the holidays. Marianna's mom owns a local boutique, and she's planning to take part this year. 

That being said, the images shared below are a mix: some fun and some to show off this really cool coat, etc. Hope you enjoy!

Also, if any photographers are reading this, please feel free to critique my work. I love learning new things and have found that I'm able to pick up "things to improve" with each session I do. I guess practice can make permanent (or perfect, maybe!). 

Finally, feel free to contact me if you'd like to schedule a headshot session or have interest in participating in a group session. No previous experience in front of the camera required!

Again, thanks for your support! It makes the journey that much more enjoyable.