Photo Session #2: Upper West Side

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my third year of living in New York with an evening stroll through Times Square, which may sound funny to other residents who know the trap that place can be. Nevertheless, I fought through the crowds with a smile on my face as I recalled moment after moment when the Lord graciously provided for me, even when I didn't see it. 

Many of those provisions relate to my apartment hunts. From my first place in Harlem (owned by the woman who set next to my dad on the airplane as we flew to New York for my move) to living in three (yep three!) other apartments throughout the Upper West Side, God has answered prayers, setting up just what I needed for that respective season. 

While I certainly do enjoy exploring all areas of the city (and the other boroughs), I'm not sure any other neighborhood will feel like home the way the Upper West Side does. The Lord may take me away from the city one day, but I'm praying that He will use me here indefinitely, or at least for a really, really long time. 

Here are a few shots taken while on a Sunday evening stroll around part of the neighborhood. As mentioned before, please feel free to critique my work in the comments below. I'm hoping to improve with each attempt and would love your feedback.