Photo Session #16: Ice Cream Crawl

The full crew

The full crew

A few (well, more like six) weekends ago, I held an ice cream crawl for some friends, who volunteered to help me practice my photography. You'll see some of the images below, but first let me share a bit of why I did it. 

I've always loved parties, for they gather people together. I love the details that go into a party: the guest list, the invitation design, the logistics, and all the details in between. Now, this was not a "party," but it still required similar levels of planning.

Choosing an ice cream flavor is hard work! #PTL for samples. 

Choosing an ice cream flavor is hard work! #PTL for samples. 

That said, I'm so thankful for the positive response this activity received, for I don't always know how people are going to react to or embrace my ideas. (I've mentioned before that it can be challenging for me to open up about and share my creative interests/dreams with others.)

Hopefully, I'll keep planning this type of event as a way to 1) connect people in the city, and 2) continue improving my photography skills. If you're interested, comment below.

During the course of the afternoon, we visited four spots: 1) Morgenstern's; 2) Milk Bar Nolita; 3) Van Leeuwen West Village; and 4) Ample Hills High Line. 

You might be asking, "Why ice cream?" And my response would be, "Why not??" Seriously, though, I have a super, duper sweet tooth, and I absolutely love ice cream. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times my family didn't have dessert after dinner while I was growing up. Ice cream was always stoked in our refrigerator. 

A bit more about the folks pictured.

As you know, I've lived in the city for four years now. However, I didn't meet Trey and Carolann (above) until Winter 2016-17, and they've definitely been key people in my life ever since. Whether it's photography, dating, friendship, marriage, or ministry, you name it, and there's likely a story of them teaching me (whether they know it or not). 

I met Lewis (above) during Winter 2014-15. I wasn't sure how often our lives would overlap after that first introduction, but I'm really thankful to call him a close friend now. (Also, we're both Enneagram 2's, which is helpful (hehe!) for me to have another dude in the city with whom to process that.)

I met Tim (above) during Summer 2015. He crashed the birthday party of one of our other friends. Over the years, I've learned a lot from Tim about 1) how to meet other people and make them feel welcomed, and 2) how to be "down for anything" when it involves quality time with others. We're all definitely going to miss him once he makes his upcoming move back down south. 

I met Morgan (above left) just a few weeks after I moved to New York during Summer 2014. She's a loyal friend, who learns about and remembers things in a way that teaches and engages others well. And I met Mackenzie (above right) during Summer 2016. She brings joy and laughter to any conversation, cares for her friends like they're immediate family, and never misses an opportunity for a solid "one-liner." Shortly after this photoshoot, she moved away, and we miss her!

I met Steve (above) during Winter 2016-17, and we currently co-lead a men's Community Group through our church. I'm thankful for his commitment to friendships, his ability to listen empathetically, and his boldness to point others to Christ. And I met his girlfriend Kaelyn while they were dating long-distance. However, she moved to the city earlier this year (for a cool opportunity with Cru), so it's been great to get to know both of them better and see them care for each other in the context of city community. 

I met Jordan and Steven (above) during Winter 2014-15, a few months before they started to date. Since then, it's been super encouraging to watch their relationship unfold. The way they make time for each other while not sacrificing other friendships within our community is simply incredible. And they have this joy and balance that light up a room, making that room feel just like home for any and all. 

I met Lucinda (above left) at church last year. She asks really awesome questions, engages in conversation in a way that makes anyone feel known and heard, and can make anyone laugh out loud. And I met Megan (above right) during Fall 2016 at one of our church's pre-launch meetings. She throws a mean event, sees the forest and the trees, and cares for people in a way that's rooted in things eternal.

I'm grateful for the ability to practice my photography with encouraging friends like these. As mentioned before, I hope this #nyicecreamcrawl series will catch on over time, so let me know if you'd like to participate down the line.