Photo Session #15: Hiking in Cold Spring

I love the city, but I also know that it's necessary to leave the city every once in a while to recharge. While one certainly can recharge in the city itself, I've personally found that I need to be in nature.

Luckily, I love hiking and have friends who love it too. That said, we headed up to Cold Spring on Memorial Day for a fun hike on Bull Hill. Eleven of us went, and we all survived. (In fact, I have a broken toe but was still able to do the hike.)

It was a wonderful time of rest with some key city friends, who've been with me at various seasons of my four years here. It was also fun to do a hike I'd done before and reflect on what's happened since I was last on that trail. 

Below are some photos that I took as we hiked. I'm really liking my new 50mm lens and hope to practice with it more as the summer continues. If you'd like to help me practice (meaning model for me), comment below or email directly.