Photo Session #14: Hawaiian Vacation Recap

Sup y'all? I hope you're well.

I haven't done a "Photo Session" post in over a month. I got a new lens that I'm trying to learn (in addition to all the other things I want to improve), and a few other things have happened. I'll tell you about those another time.

Nevertheless, I'm so excited that #14 (my favorite number!) covers my recent vacation to Hawaii. None of us had ever been, and we'd been counting it down for almost two years. (Note: we tagged along my dad's business trip, which happens annually. It just so happened to be in Hawaii this time.)

The three "E's" of our vacation.

We stayed about a week and definitely had a healthy portion of 1) eating, 2) educating, and 3) exercising. While I don't have photos from everything, I'll try to cover a decent amount of the trip below. If you have questions about what we did and/or would like a list of recommendations, feel free to comment below.


Since part of the trip was in connection to my dad's business trip, most of our meals were planned/provided. We ate a lot of good fish, but we also had a lot of really great burgers. (There's a family-owned cattle farm on the north part of the island.)

We also had a lot of really great desserts, which makes me so happy. (I have a major sweet tooth.) Most of these were brought to our nightly "9pm snack time," so I didn't get the names of all the places. However, we did have malasadas from Leonard's.

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck in Haleiwa

On our last day, my parents and I (my siblings had to go back early sadly!) went to the north side of the island to explore a few places. One of which was Matsumoto Shave Ice. We also had some amazing shrimp from this food truck called Giovanni's


We also had a great opportunity to tour the USS Missouri and the Aviation Museum, which are located in and around Pearl Harbor. I loved my history classes growing up, so this was particularly interesting.

In college, my mom majored in history, and I grew up flipping through her textbooks from time to time (to help with my homework/projects). It was cool to see her soaking up all the info throughout the memorial and museum.

Lastly, we attended a luau one night. If you're planning to go to Hawaii soon, you must go to one of these. It was incredible.

While it was entertaining, it was also educational. The evening featured dance from various Polynesian traditions, and there was a step-by-step section of how to properly use every part of a palm branch and a coconut. It was really rad. 

Hawaiian Luau


Sometimes, my family will joke that we only workout whenever we have access to a hotel's fitness center, and the one here was pretty nice. I went almost every day: 1) because it was right there waiting for me, and 2) because I was usually the first one up and ready to rock (of my siblings at least).

We also hiked Diamond Head, which is a pretty steep but relatively quick one to complete. Again, my siblings had to leave early, so it was just my parents and me. (Rest assured, they'd done it earlier because they arrived a day before me.)

It started to rain right as we got to the top. When we started the descent just a few ways down, there was no rain. It was only at the very top.

All in all, it was a really fun trip. I had not seen my family in four months, so it was really sweet to have that much time with them.

I hope to go back to Hawaii and check out some of the other islands. If you've been to those, feel free to comment below with your highlights and recs. I'd love to hear. 

Also, I'd love to get your thoughts on my photos. I realize I didn't take as many as I'd planned, but I'm okay with it. I was trying to strike a balance of spending quality time with family and taking time to improve this skill. 

Until next time, aloha!