Photo Session #12: Central Park, etc.


Last weekend, I was roaming around with camera. This is something I'm trying to do every Saturday in 2018, and so far, I've been pretty successful. (Okay, there were a few Saturdays that I missed, but I made up for them on Mondays or Wednesdays.)

Anyway, I was in Central Park last Saturday afternoon. I was waiting to shoot a few photos for a friend (more on that below), so I just started walking and snapping what I saw. The above family came around the corner, and I thought, "Would it be weird to capture them in this moment?" (I thought it probably was, so I waited until they passed me, ha!) 

So far, the year's been a fun photographic journey. I'm starting to rekindle my joy, and this "weekend ritual" is helping quite nicely. I know there are still new skills to learn (like depth of field and proper edits), but I'm also very happy with the progress that's been made. I just want to keep going and see what happens. 


Now, enter Taylor. He's a city friend, who's in my industry. We've shot a few times before, and I'm always grateful that he's willing to help me out, as I help him out. These are a few photos we took for a recent collaboration he's doing. 

If anyone else would like to serve as a "test model" for me, feel free to comment below! I'd appreciate it.