Photo Session #11: Princeton on President's Day


Hey y'all! How's it going? 

This past Monday was President's Day, which my office had off from work. A few friends were off as well, so we decided to take a trip over to Princeton for the day. I've been meaning to get over there for a few years now—a fraternity brother is in seminary—so was super pumped to finally make it happen.

Trivia Question: Since we went on President's Day, can you name the two, who graduated from Princeton? Feel free to comment below with your guesses!


For those wanting to take a trip from Manhattan, you can take NJ Transit from NY Penn Station to Princeton. You'll transfer trains at Princeton Junction (above) and hop on The Dinky (yep, that's the name) for the final stretch to campus.

My fraternity brother met us at the station, which was super nice of him. (Brooks, if you're reading this, we really appreciated the greeting and your suggestions!)


We popped into a classroom and had a mini lesson in Retail Math, as taught by Professor Pickering. (Kirby's holding on to his Oregon Ducks, ha!)


Dish was taking a photo of me taking a photo! Ready, set, duel! 

I really enjoy traveling to other parts of the Tri-State and greater New England area, especially whenever the experiences are shared with friends! I'm planning to talk more about the buzzword "community" in the coming weeks; but for now, know that it is more than a "buzzword."

To wrap, I'm super grateful for friends, who encourage me to press on with my creative pursuits; and I'm super glad to have gotten to explore Princeton for a few hours. You should totally make a point to go soon.