Photo Session #10: Weekend Wanderings

What's up, y'all? Happy start to February, aka my birthday month :)

This past weekend, I didn't have any "model sessions" scheduled, but I did have quite a few errands to run and a couple friends to meet up with. So, in order to make sure I'm consistently practicing this "craft," I brought my camera along and tried to capture as much content as possible. 

Below, you'll find a handful of selects. While there's not technically a theme of the work, I'll call it "this is what caught my eye as I went about my day." 

How do y'all spend your Saturdays? Feel free to comment below with your "Weekend Routines!" 

A street in Chelsea // I was like "Yes, keep that holiday decor alive!"

I was walking westward down a street in Chelsea, and I see this door. I grabbed the camera and almost fist-bumped the air like, "Yea, you go, keeping that holiday decor fresh, ha!" 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned The High Line Hotelwhich has a fun coffee set up, indoor (when it's cold) and outdoor (when it's not). I was supposed to meet a friend here, but we were both running late-ish so met in the middle elsewhere. Regardless, you should totally check out this place soon.

Confession: I love a good "sea of yellow" on any New York street! While I don't take cabs too often, they certainly are an iconic thing in the city. I mean, just look at them! 

The afternoon finished up with a walk on The High Line and then a much-needed haircut at Chelsea Market. If you need a new haircut spot, go to Fellow Barber and ask for Rob.

The afternoon ended with a walk along The High Line (sadly things are still dead, but there's promise of new life to come!), a call home, and a much-needed haircut at Fellow Barber, which is inside Chelsea Market. If you need a spot, go there and ask for Rob!