The 2018 Birthday Review

Photo by Joshua McLeod

Photo by Joshua McLeod

My birthday is this week! In fact, it’s on Valentine’s Day.

As another year slips by, I wanted to take a few lines to reflect on seasons come and gone, birthdays in general, and the like. The intent here isn’t to be super “mushy," which might be hard to fully avoid. After all, it's the “day of love.” :)

Below, I’ve organized these thoughts in an FAQ format because, whether you believe it or not, these actually are pretty frequently asked questions. Most likely, again, because my birthday is on the “day of love.”


Is your birthday on Valentine’s Day every year?

Yep. Every. Single Year.

Do you like having your birthday on this day?

Most of the time, yes! I really do like it. For years, it’s been my go-to “fun fact” because it always gets the “oohs and ahhhs." It's funny, though, because there are tons of other folks who have this birthday. (Hi, Darrell, Makenna, et al!) Needless to say, it’s charming, and I guess I like to think of myself as charming.

However, it is a bummer, knowing that I rarely celebrate my birthday on the actual day. You know, because people have significant others and the like. I probably was a “birthday brat” growing up, but with age, I’ve learned to chill. It’s honestly less about the day and more about being able to mark the milestone with loved ones—which that’s what Valentine’s Day should be about.

Do you get double gifts?

Yes, well kinda. Often times, my parents would get me this huge Hershey’s chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day and then something else (usually running gear when I was training) for my birthday.

While I prefer giving gifts over getting them, I’m definitely a sucker for unexpected ones. You know, those thoughtful, "oh wow thank you so much" gifts. 

Do you have a favorite birthday memory?

Yep, I have a few:

  • When I was little, I had a Dalmatians-themed party, and my mom made costumes for all my friends.
  • In college, my brother threw me a surprise party. I’d never had one before and secretly always wanted one. I literally had no idea, and I usually pick up on things like that.
  • Also in college, I shared my birthday with Step Sing, which is my school’s oldest and longest tradition. Imagine Pitch Perfect colliding with Glee
  • Lastly, my 25th birthday (last year!). I’ll remember everything about that week for years to come.

Do you have a favorite birthday cake?

Any cake my mom makes is amazing! But, I also really love the cake at Olexa’s in Birmingham.

Do you want anything for your birthday this year?

Good question. Actually, I’ve been working with Hope for New York this year and have a way for you to donate to their ministry efforts in lieu of gifts to me. (It's in connection to a charity run that I'll be running mid-March!)

Do you have any expectations for the year ahead?

Honestly, I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the change that’s taken place in my life over the past year. The Lord has been so gracious during a season of uncertainty and missteps, and I’m just excited to continue walking where He’s leading.

I’m also thankful for the community of friends and family who’ve supported me along the way. I’m humbled by the opportunity to even write this and am expectant for the ways the Lord will use us this next year, in New York and beyond.