How to: Brunch at Home


Brunch. When breakfast meets lunch!

I know it’s a universal concept; but in New York, it feels as though it’s reached “rite of passage” level. It’s a noun, verb, and adjective. 

Let’s get brunch!

Where are we brunchin’ this weekend?

Oh, it’s brunch attire.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of “city brunch" outings. It's fun to see a city through its food, and I really like “meal-time” experiences. I believe you can have fun yet meaningful conversations with people when sitting around a table.

However, my wallet has certainly felt the burn along the way. Now, I’m not about to write off restaurant experiences all together, but I will say that I’m trying to make a much more proactive blitz towards a “brunch at home” life.


Those meal time conversations can be that much more relaxed in the comforts of home.

It's cheaper. (No more $17 for avocado toast!)

I'm in my mid 20s and should know how to cook more than cereal and scrambled eggs. (I'm exaggerating a bit here, but you get the point!)


Last week, I had my first official step in this direction while hanging with some good friends at their apartment in Harlem. The meal that my buddy prepared was so good that I just have to share with you. It’ll definitely be worked into a more official (there's that word again) rotation in my kitchen moving forward.

It's called Shakshouka, and the recipe comes from the blog Island SmileIt's a hearty meal with relatively easy prep, cook time, and clean up. (Note: We did fry the eggs instead of poaching them.)

Even if you usually go for the "sweet thing" at your local spot, give this dish a try. It's very tasty and goes well with some roasted potatoes with rosemary. (That's what we had anyway, hehe!)


When planning your next “brunch at home” event, consider these additional elements to further enhance the time together:

Prior: Brew a big ole pot (or pour over) of coffee. 

Throughout: Music makes anything better. Check out my playlist. 

After: you should consider playing Ticket to Ride or Catan.


I won't even try to fool you into thinking I'm a master chef in the making. I do, however, really like hosting people. (See this past post!) That being said, I hope to showcase some of those events as they come throughout this year.

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