goin' to jackson


They say that home is where the heart is. While my current home is in New York City, but it sure is nice to fly home to Mississippi every so often for good ole Southern food and welcomed conversation with family and friends. Last week, I was fortunate to do just that—I went home for the full week.

I flew on on Tuesday night, which was the same night as Game 6 between the Warriors and the Cavs. My flight wasn't as bumpy as expected, but it was delayed over an hour due to weather. I had hoped to watch some of the game during my layover, but that was cut short—I had to rely on Twitter updates. My parents, however, got to watch the game and were actually a little late picking me up because of the excitement. (Well, that's what I tell them, but my second flight actually arrived a solid 15 minutes early.) Regardless, the Warrior's win was a great way to kick off the time at home.

On Wednesday, I headed over to Birmingham after a quick trip to the dentist (gotta stay pearly white) to visit a few college friends; two of which I had not seen in a year. While I was only in town for about 22 hours, I got hit up some favorite spots and a few new ones: Steel City Pops, Chick-fil-A, Seeds Coffee, and Chicken Salad Chick. I think a part of my heart will always be in the Iron City. 

The remainder of the vacation time was spent in Jackson. For half of that time, my buddy Jordan came over to experience the charm. (He'd only ever driven through, so we had to roll out the red carpet.) This trip served a few purposes: catch up (we hadn't seen other in a year) and collaborate creatively (he's been my champion during this site launch). In between the photo shoots and video reels, we took time to see the sights and eat the warmth that is Southern cuisine. These are the go-to places: Sal & Mookie's, Brent's Drugs, Mama Hamil's, and Snobiz


After Jordan left on Saturday afternoon, it was family time all the way. We basically did everything that we use to do: yard work, watch Hallmark movies, eat meals with extended family, and follow sporting events. The only thing that would have made it better would have been my older brother Dan being there. (I think we'll all be together later this summer in Chicago, so that's something to look forward to on #drewinthecity.)

This trip served many purposes, and I'm so thankful to have the vacation time and the opportunity to fly home pretty easily. The big takeaway is to always remember where you come from and where your roots were first planted. Furthermore, Mississippi has a lot to offer, so I'd encourage you to plan a trip sometime. I know my parents would love to host you.