cityscape {no. three}

vaughn's house

While the city is a wonderful place to live, it's always good to sneak away for a few days to relax, so I hopped on a plane and headed south for home in Mississippi. February was the last time for me to be home and even that trip was a short one—a mere 36 hours. I've now been home for three days, and I feel all the more rejuvenated. I've gotten to see friends from school that hadn't seen in over a year, and I've spent time with grandparents and other extended family. I can smell the trees and grass and flowers in ways that one can only ever smell by venturing into the dead center of Central Park. It's simply been amazing. (Furthermore, it's been a great chance to plan out future creative endeavors, which I'm pumped to share with y'all over the next weeks and months.)


For the Week

Sal & Mookie's

Shakespeare in the Park

Obliteration Room