Podcasts to Consider

Lately, I've wanted to also use this time for educational purposes. I don't like to read on the train, so I've started (or rather, am starting) to get on the podcast bandwagon. While I still haven't listened to "Serial," I do have a few others to recommend.

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How to: Plan a Dinner for Friends

I feel like I've heard others express interest in and challenges with this type of "function," so I decided to list out a few high-level things, which help me with the pre-party planning. And while I mentioned that my most recent "dance" with this was pretty spontaneous, I still did do a quick run-through of what's below. 

After you read, feel free to comment with your own experiences, for I'd love to hear what works for you!

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How to: Plan a Date in New York City

Okay, back on track. I’ve lived in New York almost four years and have dated some throughout that time. Sure, certain things may be different here than in other places, but I submit to you that it can be done and in exciting fashion.

Below, I’ve listed a few date options to consider. Note that some of these have been crafted by personal dating experiences, and others come from things I’ve done with friends but can also work as a date.

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How to: Brunch at Home

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of “city” brunch outings. Personally, I really like “meal-time” experiences because I believe you can have fun yet meaningful conversations with people when sitting around a table. However, my wallet has certainly felt the burn along the way.

Now, I’m not about to write off restaurant experiences all together—I love them too much; but I will say that I’m trying to make a much more proactive blitz towards a “brunch at home” life.

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