Hiking in Cold Spring

While summer was a very formative time for me this year, I absolutely love fall in the city. People settle in for the back half of the year and the weather (and colors!) turns—it's the perfect reprieve between really hot and really cold. 

Another awesome thing about this time in New York is the fact that we city dwellers can easily escape to other parts of the tri-state area via train at a fairly low cost. It's a nice opportunity to see more around us and understand that many, many places aren't like the island we live in everyday. 

This year, I got an early start over the Labor Day weekend with a day trip to Cold Spring. I'd been there once before a few winters ago when hiking isn't in season, so you better believe that was the main agenda item this go round. 

It ended up being the perfect day after a few days of wondering if/when hurricane weather would hit. We hiked, dined, explored Main St, and bumped into a few friends along the way. Here are some pictures captured throughout the journey.

Even if you can't get up to Cold Spring, I highly encourage you to find a place for hiking and cultural exploration. Hope you enjoy the photos!