All photos by Brian Cason

All photos by Brian Cason

As I've mentioned before, much of my physical activity comes from running. It's therapeutic for me, and it provides just the right amount of personal and collective competition. 

I grew up running a lot when I played basketball and soccer and then transitioned over more "full time" when I ran cross country and track throughout junior high and high school. While I'm no longer on a team or regular training regime, I still lace up and head out around the city—Central and Riverside Parks are my favorite. 

Fortunately for me, the running community is very vibrant in New York. There are tons of races and parks and meet ups. It's a community that encourages personal bests and steady improvement.

But, with running in the city, presents a new type of apparel challenge. I can't leave my belongings in cars, and it's unsafe to leave them at home. That's where WOLACO comes in. 

I discovered them in May while preparing for my first NYC race, the Airbnb Brooklyn Half. I knew I needed clothing that was active and efficient for running but could also carry my ID, Metro card, and phone. Their compression products do this and more. I can't tell you how great they are; you just have to try them for yourself. 

Fast forward to now, WOLACO is generously giving each person 15% off when he (or she) uses the code "DREWINTHECITY" at checkout. 

I'm definitely planning to get some of their leggings soon, so I can keep up my training during the winter. (I took the past two winters off because I didn't have the proper gear—no longer an excuse.) 

Below, you'll find some pictures by my friend Brian Casontaken during a recent workout at McCarren Park. If you have any questions about the product or the discount, feel free to let me know. I'd be happy to advise accordingly.