Interview with Graham Allgood

Meeting people is one of my favorite things to do. And finding out that they enjoy creative projects and want to explore all that New York has to offer gets me that much more pumped. 

That being said, I was super stoked when I connected with Graham Allgood at the beginning of the summer. He moved to the city for the season to intern for an agency down the street from my office.

We first synced up via LinkedIn, and then realized that we have mutual friends from high school and college while we were hanging at lunch. (S/o to Sweetgreen, btw!) 

After that initial meeting, we had the opportunity to meet up a few more times to take some photos around the city. Not all of mine tuned out, but his did—check out his feed. Regardless, it was super encouraging to me to meet someone with such talent and drive. We also were able to discuss aspects of our faith journeys and how that fits into a more corporate world. 

Graham's internship is done now, but I'm thankful that I was able to grab a few minutes of his time before he left to pick his brain about the internship search, what it's like to move to NYC for the summer, and how to best stay creatively inspired when many projects are happening at once. 

Fingers crossed he'll be coming back next year. I know New York is much better off because of Graham's mark left on the city, even in just the three months he was here.

Listen to more of his journey below: