Another Bay Area Weekend

This past week, I went to SF again. My brother lives there, and Mom had a work trip. Naturally, we turned it into a full family affair.

We've learned over the past few years that we may not get to gather together like we did growing up, so we take full advantage of meeting wherever we can (whenever we can) and enjoying new experiences along the way. 

If you recall, we spent Easter there this year. That combined with Dan's and Mom's work schedules caused us to not really do touristy things this time, which I didn't mind. We basically did our fun things last trip, and this trip coincided with the Olympics kick-off. We had no shame in spending a good portion of mornings and nights in the hotel room glued to the television. 

All that to say, it was a very special time (though quite colder than anticipated), for we got to be together with Mom when she took over as this year's ABA chair of her law section. A big deal, and we're very proud of her and inspired by the way she crushes her day job while crushing her other many hats as Mom. She's our Wonder Woman! 

Below, you'll find a few pictures snapped along the way. If you haven't been to the Bay Area, I definitely recommend going soon. (Don't call it San Fran, ha!) And if you have gone, please share your experiences in the comments—I'm sure I'll be back there soon. Cheers, friends! 

I flew out early Wednesday morning, so it was lunch time when I landed (time difference, ah)! This sushi burrito was calling my name when I got settled downtown—check out Sushirito.

After grabbing a bite, I wondered over to SF's MoMA, a newly updated wonder of art. I knew most of the family wouldn't want to take in these exhibits in the same way I would (don't worry: they like art too). It was mostly just a good time for me to appreciate art and reflect on the past few weeks of life—it was introvert time. Plus, the rest of the family hadn't arrived yet, and Dan had to work. 

On Thursday morning, the rest of gang was in flight, so I went over to Everlane's new Fit Studio. It's a fun concept, and I like their clothes. It was nice to see some of the new threads they've got for men. (Also, I realize I'm still not that good at mirror selfies, oops!) 

Just down the street from Everlane is Stable Cafe, which has this awesome outdoor sitting area attached. It definitely made for a great mid morning/early afternoon work spot. And tell me, who doesn't love finding spaces like this tucked away? 

Red will always grab my photographic eye. Love these spots downtown near Union Square

Waiting for Mom to get the gavel. We didn't get a family picture here, which made me sad. But, there were just too many people wanting to congratulate her afterwards. She then got right to work! (I ended up putting the actual gavel-passing on Snapchat instead of taking stills.)

This was the weather. Every other day, it switched—why I got sick. Regardless, I love cityscape shots from above. 

We saw a wedding at the Ritz one night. 

While on our way to take a walk along the water (and golf course)! 

We played Bocce Ball and went to an A's game. (The Giants weren't in town!) 

Per usual, our sweet teeth came out on numerous occasions—ice cream and pastries galore! 

And, my flight was delayed due to #DeltaDown, but it allowed for one more walk along the water. 

All in all, I love my family a whole lot. (Even when they give me the stink eye in pictures!)