First Thoughts, Second Takes

Photo Credit: Lindsay Brown

Photo Credit: Lindsay Brown

"A new season is upon us." I find myself saying that over and over, but it seems to be true with each mention of the thought. Sure, it's technically not summer yet, but it is hot (very hot). Most are done with school, so many have moved up to start new chapters in NYC. And as I mentioned last week, I'm very excited to meet these new folks and welcome them into our community. 

With this, I'm reminded of something my dad always said to me before school as a kid: "remember who you are and whose you are." It was a simple challenge with an eternal outlook. He always encouraged and displayed integrity and kindness; no matter the who, what, when, or where, and I hope to further live this out in the city. 

Refreshed mindset. 

Another thing that's been top of mind lately is how the past five/six months have been the best I've had in NYC to date. While there have been a few big life changes (job, apartment, mindset), it is God who's been shepherding me and providing joy through endless grace. 

Life isn't perfect, and it's not easy. Regardless, I'm okay with it, for it is a process. I've found that when I'm living in constant communication with God and my loved ones, there is purpose to carry onward as each new day is gifted. The rest pales in comparison. 

Pursuit with purpose. 

And a large part of this is commitment. I understand that it's better to pursue what's right over what's easy (or safe). Whenever this mindset is applied to passion, we have all the energy in the world needed to keep going. (At least, that's what I pray.) 

Sure, I usually have the motivation to do things, but I don't always have the confidence and follow through. The unknown can be a paralyzing thing. There's fear of rejection, fear of failure, and just plain fear that causes this. Hopefully, though, it's our joy and creative grit that pulls us through the rocky times. 

Managing expectations. 

Finally, being diligent to manage (and clearly communicate) expectations drives this home. It minimizes any opportunity for turmoil in relationships and maximizes planning and joy in partnerships. 

Below are things that I've recently done or hope to do and a quick call out to a new friend that I'm pumped to introduce you to. In many ways, they play into the thoughts hashed out above, so I hope you'll make it a point to check them out. 


Reading was never my favorite thing to do growing up. One could usually find me watching TV or playing outside (or jammin' w/ my karaoke machine). I read for school and all those Accelerated Reader points, but I was never the fastest reader. I also got nervous in class when a teacher liked to randomly pick students to read aloud. 

But now, I love reading. I see how much there is to learn and how much of that can come from reading. To help with this, I've started visiting bookstores whenever I walk around the neighborhood. (This is also to save my wallet from clothing stores!) I don't always buy the books, but I try to spend enough time with one book to get the gist of things. 

In recent visits, I've found myself picking up Zero to One. It's a business book that focuses (at least in the first few chapters) on taking an idea and making sure it's ripe for the market (and that the market is ripe for it). It's well written and sparks my entrepreneurial side to great end. 


Last month, I mentioned a few spots that were on a longer list of things to see and do this summer. I realize now that I broke off a little more than I could chew in a month, but luckily, I was able to do a few of those things. 

Definitely go see She Loves Me before it closes later this summer. It's the show where the movie You've Got Mail gets its story. The cast and set are great, and it has quite a few pleasant surprises. (Oh, and it's also up for several Tony Awards later this month!) 

Additionally, I highly recommend traveling up to Dia: Beacon. The exhibits are great, and it's only 1.5 hours away from Midtown on Metro North. The town also has other great art galleries and local spots along Main Street to round out the perfect weekend day-trip.

For this month, my goal is to see The Color Purple and visit the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. If you see me at any point, ask me. I need to be held accountable! 


As mentioned above, this season has provided the chance to get to know many new folks. Some have lived in the city for years while others are brand new. Sure, it's not always fun to have the same "intro" conversation multiple times a week, but it's definitely challenging me to connect with others in new ways.

Mainly, I'm trying to lead with "what brought you to the city? and what do you like to do in the city?" instead of "what do you do for a living? or what's your line of work?" I want to get at the heart of the person instead of their paycheck or their business contact list. 

One new friend is Daniel Mogg. He does social media work in the sports world, but I met him through my buddy Ty. They live together, and we all are in the same community group at church now. Daniel also does some blogging stuff and has a few really cool feeds on Instagram. I'm pretty pumped to collaborate with him this summer, so I hope you'll give him a follow. 

Let's connect.

And as always, feel free to comment or drop me a line if any questions or comments come up. I'd love to connect!