first thoughts, second glances


Fresh off the site redesign, I'm excited about what can and will take place over the coming months. Figuring out a new concept takes time, and things don't always takeoff on the first try. Just gotta pick up the drawing board again and test new things. 

However, I feel very strongly about this endeavor and am very appreciative of the support you've shown during each iteration. I hope this still proves meaningful to you; it certainly has been energizing for me, meeting y'all. 

Inspiration from others.

A few months ago, I had a nice Saturday brunch meeting with Will Taylor, who'd just recently made a move from London to New York. I'd been following his creative pursuits for awhile but only recently had begun to realize the sheer magnitude of his work. He does many things in the creative, lifestyle space, but one of his "series" in particular really strikes me. 

Most weekends, Will lists out ten things that he learned and loved that week. I love it one because the photos are stellar and two because it's real. He doesn't sugarcoat things to appeal to a larger base—it really is a personal list of learnings and lovings. 

I've mentioned our meeting before, but I wanted to touch on it again because this series of posts has inspired me to find new ways to create lists and highlight things. For me, this won't be a weekly series, but I do hope to address certain city happenings and personal projects on a monthly basis. 

Here it goes. 

Ultimately, I'm pairing Will's inspiration with a few of my own riffs from past blog projects. My goal isn't to be the next Time Out New York by any means; I simply want to share projects, events, and good reads with you. 


Moving to New York, I thought I'd attend Broadway shows every week. Man, was I wrong. I have seen a fair share of them over the past two years, but there's just so much to see. Not to mention the cost of tickets. 

But the Tony Award nominations for the year have been announced, so I'm determined to see a few contenders before the show. (It's a month away!) Right now, I really want to see Hamilton (you doesn't?!), Bright Star, She Loves Me, and The Crucible. (Also, for my Hamilton fanatics, a coworker recommended that I use this app for the digital lottery submissions.)


Each year, I try to read more. I enjoy reading, but I find it hard to stick with one book until the end. Mostly, this happens because I leave books in random backpacks and on shelves, picking up a new book whenever I want to read again. 

For instance, I'm currently reading three books. But this time, I'm trying a more systematic, disciplined approach. Each book serves a different purpose, fitting in with my thoughts on life and other projects, and I carve out time to read each night before bed. I don't read with a page goal in mind; I just read to learn (and sometimes to get tired). 

The books I'm reading are The Personal MBA, Dream Decor, and A Curious Mind. While I haven't finished any of them yet, I highly encourage y'all to check them out. For me, these books spark my interest in regards to education, career, hobbies, and creating space. (Also, fun fact: Dream Decor is Will's new book!)


There's no hiding the fact that I love seeing the city through food, and brunch outings provide the best mix for this. I get to share a meal and enjoy great conversation all while taking in the architecture and interiors of a space and its surrounding neighborhood. 

Furthermore, I'm trying to get better at eating meals at home during the week, so weekend brunch is my new treat/cheat. And with warmer (well, soon to be at least) weather, many places have rolled back the windows and laid out exterior seating. There's nothing like a nice breeze, warm food, and laughter to start a perfect weekend. 

Over the next month, I'm hoping to visit a few places: Raoul's Restaurant, Sadelle's, Quality Eats, L'Amico, Eli's Essentials, and Tilda All Day. (Well, it looks like this may spill over into June!)


I've mentioned a few times already that I recently moved apartments. The move went smoothly, and now my roommates and I are settling into the space. I've really enjoyed it so far, and I'm expectant for what can be—hosting friends and hanging out. 

But the move also provided me with a blank slate in terms of bedroom furniture and decor. I really enjoy setting up spaces for function and mood, so I really want to make this new room an oasis.

Many of you read this and see $$$, right? Well, you're right. Furnishing a new space does come with a price tag, so I'm having to research options and go slow. I'd like to flip a space down the line, so I'm trying to use this as a small learning experience. Currently, though, I'm having to put blinders on when I pass certain stores, for I'm really diggin' all of the mid-century modern pieces that are surfacing everywhere. (It's some of the priciest stuff, ah!)

Feedback from you.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback. How are you reading these pieces? What strikes you as you follow along? If you have any recommendations for things to do or people to meet, feel free to comment below or send me an email. I'd love to chat!