cityscape {sullivan st}

Growing up, basketball was the sport I played the most; and next to free throw mastery, my coaches always stressed the importance of the pivot. It's a fast paced game, needing utmost agility, skill, and in the moment maneuvers. 

Similar to basketball, I'd argue that any good idea needs the flexibility of a pivot to ensure sustainable growth towards greatness. That being said, I've finally found the best way forward to highlight my #cityscape musings: a pivot from journal-like revelation to localized discovery. 

Steps away from the C/E train stop at Spring St and 6th Ave is one of my favorite stretches of SoHo on Sullivan St. Yes, I've worked in the area for almost two years, but only recently did I realize how cool these blocks are. 

To get specific, Sullivan St (mainly the blocks between Spring St and West Houston) offers many opportunities to experience New York to its fullest "regular day." Grab your sunglasses (and wallets), and I'll show you. 

Coffee: For fun treats and coffee, head over to "Once Upon a Tart." You'll have a wide selection from which to choose, no matter what type of sweet tooth you have. Other coffee options close by include Olive's and Local (cash only though). And if you're walking farther north, head to Third Rail.

Food: There are many places in SoHo for a nice meal or a quick bite, but The Dutch has to be the most notable (at least on Sullivan). Other options to consider for lunch include Rbbts, Pepe Rosso, and Olive's. Finally, NAVY is good for any meal—brunch, lunch, coffee, or dinner. 

Shops: And it wouldn't be a day in SoHo without a little shopping. Palmer is right next door to Once Upon a Tart, and a friend recently texted me saying, "this is your place." They've been on the block for five years and carry great gear for men—from clothes to good reads. If that's not your thing, there are also quite a few boutique type places for fun trinkets and the like.