#inreview: march

Can it seriously be time for Q2? I feel like we were just getting started, yet three months have already passed. As mentioned in February, I want to make feedback and reflection priorities in life, keeping things in as real time as possible. So, here's the second installment. 

It would be easy for me to brush this month off with a few high points like my upcoming apartment move or my most recent trip to SF. As with everything else in my life, I want to dare to go deeper, so thanks to those of you who tirelessly created beautiful things this month, many of which inspired me a great deal. 

1) Tortoise mentality: All my life, I've tried to skip steps. I tried to grow up quickly; I tried to get by with Sparknotes. I ran sprints when I should have trained for the long haul. I quit things that didn't come naturally to me, even when there was talent to develop. These aren't regrets, merely observations of patterns—hopefully patterns never to be repeated.

Sure, I want to challenge myself (and others) to not wait around wasting time. But there's something to be said about careful consideration and strategic planning. Sometimes, a project doesn't need a flashy announcement but more so consistent content. That being said, my phrase for the month has been "slow and steady, now and always." 

2) Coffee talk: No joke, I've come to really enjoy coffee and the interactions had while seeking out fun places to rest. It creates a time for a pair (or group) to converse about life and learnings. Sure, it may sound cliche, but there's something here that brings confidence and strength—willingness to be slightly vulnerable is key. These times offer a chance to pitch new ideas, ask tough questions, and seek counsel. Why not take advantage of it?

It's certainly not the "end all, be all," but I always leave encouraged after these times. My prayer here is that I've left a positive impact on the other person in the way he or she has left on me. Here are the places I recommend this month: The Milton & USQ's Irving Farm. 

3) Apartment hunt: In a few days, I'm moving again. This wasn't the original plan, but the Lord has taken this for Him. And it's going to be good. Through the process, I've learned the importance of knowing and communicating a few things upfront: what are needs, what are wants, who I am, who my roommates are, how our stories will blend. 

The search has also shown me the power of prayer yet again. Often times, I find myself casually offering up a rehearsed epistle to the sky, halfheartedly waiting for the Lord to comply. But God is far greater and desires a far more intimate relationship with me and with you. (More to come on the room decor/reno—but know I've got the Pin boards turning.)

4) Add value: Finally, I've been thinking a lot about product viability. It's a topic that's discussed quite a bit in NYC, so I'm now thinking about how it applies to me and my creative endeavors. First off: I want to take the "me, mine, and I" out of it. This shouldn't be a vanity project or online diary. However, I'm learning that my desire isn't always communicated thoroughly. Maybe because I have a bad habit of over-talking and under-showing, over-planning and under-delivering. 

So I'll leave you with this: The desire of #drewinthecity is to showcase beautiful places and spaces and challenge individuals to uncover compelling stories while working in tandem with fellow creatives across platforms for the sake of city exploration, social good, and global impact.