Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard

I love fall in New York, specifically October. The colors are incredible, and the weather is pretty great—just cold enough for layers but not as bad as December through March. People are exploring and seem to have a fun pep in their step. Maybe it's because we know the reality of hibernation once the holiday rush ends. (Yes, it gets that cold!) 

Yet even with my deep love for fall, I still had not gone apple picking during my previous two falls in the city, so I wasn't going to let this one go by without making it happen. What did I do? I went on October 1st. (Enthusiastic much?) 

We were warned that the apple supply this year was low due to the colder spring and hotter summer. (I can certainly vouch for that.) Nevertheless, nine of us went up to Harvest Moon in North Salem, NY on the slightly grey and overcast Saturday morning. It's one I'll not soon forget. 

We picked apples, took pictures (naturally, it's me!), ate barbecue, and tasted many awesome apple-flavored things. (My personal favorite were the apple cider doughnuts.) We even ran into more friends that we didn't know would also be there that day.

Basically, all of the amazing things for launching fall happened, and I was in hog heaven (not my words, but I can't deny it). See more pictures below and feel free to comment with all of your favorite fall recipes. I still have apples to use!