Instagram Accounts I Dig

There's no hiding it...I really like Instagram. And while my affinity for the social platform has ebbed and flowed during various seasons of life, the community it brings never ceases to amaze me. Yes, it's easy to slip into the trap of follower counts and likes, but most people just want to share things that inspire them, which is what I hope to do too!

That being said, I've recently discovered a few great feeds that I'd love to share with you (and encourage you to follow)! While I haven't met these people, I can tell that our aesthetics align and are inspired by similar aspects of life. I've been really encouraged creatively by the work these creatives have shared and the stories they're navigating—I'm thankful they're willing to do it alongside friends and fellow 'grammers. 

This post is something I hope to start doing on a monthly basis, so please feel free to share your "favorite follows" in the comments below.

Caleb (@calebthill)

I don't quite remember, but I believe I first discovered his feed via my friends at SENE. Regardless, his feed exudes this confidence that reads, "I'm living in the hustle and bustle of New York but creating space to breathe and be me." I find this very, very refreshing. (He also captures amazing what I call "stand in the street" shots that I dig!)

Ghaleb (

I have to give it up for Instagram's Explore feature for this find. I've recently been deep diving into interiors and how they're photographed. That algorithm knows me so well, for I found this fashion and interiors combo—winner, winner. The feed has great texture while still consistently staying minimal. I also have to give it up to Ghaleb for his use of multiple types of crops—he doesn't just use the typical Instagram square shot. 

Ben (@benlalisan)

I grew up in Mississippi, so Ben's feed gives me a daily dose of the South (and some brilliant photography)! By following along, it's easy to see Ben's desire to take great photos and bring his friends along for the ride, sharing their stories throughout his work. I also really love Ben's composition and use of shadows.

Nate (@cuffington)

This feed is a great example of tying one's Instagram handle into the actual content on the feed. He's varied just enough to be fresh while staying true to his brand and look. (I've also secretly been trying to improve my cuff game, ha!) Additionally, I really like how Nate lays out content in his captions. He tags things appropriately and uses emojis in a very clean and clear way. 

Mendy (@angrybaker)

To start, I love Mendy's bio that reads "American expat in London, serving up iPhone only with a side of snark." More importantly, I really dig how she delivers on that bio so consistently and visually. I've been to London and know it can be hard to pull colors out, but she has no trouble. I also really enjoy her mix of interiors with more urban scenic vibes.


Nathan (@longlivesundays)

Tons of goodness here. First, I really dig Nathan's exposure choices. There's also an ease in his "posing," and he composes his shots well with great depth. I also like the moments when he uses deep colors and how he shares easy-feeling (and beautiful) shots, pairing them with casual (yet cool) captions.

Gerry (@gmp3

I couldn't find a photo of Gerry on his feed (other than his profile picture), but that would be consistent with his feed—it's all wonderful landscapes and cityscapes. I really like following Gerry's work because he helps me see things that I normally would walk passed. He also does a great job of reimagining those "famous NYC Instagram" spots instead of copying what the rest of the Instagram community shares.