the city's seasons

Jacket: He by Mango || Pants: Life After Denim || Shoes: Cole Haan || Socks: Richer/Poorer || Scarf: H&M || Glasses: Warby Parker || Backpack: Everlane

Jacket: He by Mango || Pants: Life After Denim || Shoes: Cole Haan || Socks: Richer/Poorer || Scarf: H&M || Glasses: Warby Parker || Backpack: Everlane

When I lived in the South, I really didn't have a check the weather on a daily basis, for it was pretty much a given that any usual outfit would suffice (with the minor exception of a few random days). But living in Manhattan, the weather app has become one of my favorite "digital friends." Now, my real friends still argue that I don't check it enough based on some of my shoe and jacket choices, but I'll just blame my stubbornness on those days. (It's only been a few.)

Each day in New York is unique, providing a new chance for adventure. Whether that be playing spike ball at the beach, jumping through curbside puddles, or cozying up with Seamless during the rain; there is always a new thing to do, see, and experience. And unlike living in the South (where it's hot and humid or just humid), the four seasons here set the tone for what possibilities unfold on a given day. 

A prime example of this variety is spending time in Bryant Park, located between 5th and 6th Aves. in the 40s. In the wintertime, the park hosts its annual winter village—a truly spectacular sight. There's ice skating and holiday markets, and the apple cider is delicious. (Also, it's usually so cold that the park's fountain is completely frozen over.) 

In the springtime, it's a great spot to meet a friend for coffee or pop over to the NY Public Library for a quick read and stroll. Colors bloom in full force, and the personality of the city takes an almost complete 180-degree spin after the dormant/harsh winter. 

Summer is perfect for laying out on the grass with a book during the day, but they're also well-known for offering movies on Monday evenings. Unfortunately, I haven't been yet, but I know they draw a large crowd each week. It's a classic summer evening activity, watching a movie on a big screen while sitting on a blanket with friends and some dinner. 

Finally, this past fall I started walking to Bryant Park with my Chick-fil-A in hand. The opening of the first standalone location had been delayed a few times, so I was beyond excited when it opened last October. It's only a few blocks south of the park. Grab some fries, nuggets, and a shake and head on over for a relaxing time (alone or with friends). 

All in all, I'm learning each day that New York provides a wonderful array (cornucopia at times) of things to do. And most of the time, each place offers different things depending on the season. This is why I recently told my buddy Jordan that he has to plan a trip for every season now. (He's only been in winter, but summer should be next up!)