cityscape {no. fifteen}

Not fifteen, but almost 30 inches of snow hit NYC last weekend. For context, that's basically a season's worth of snow in about 36 hours. This is said to be the second largest storm experienced by New Yorkers ever.

This is also the type of storm folks thought we were going to get last year. But almost to the day, the snow fell this year instead. Reports led off with "the weather folks got it right this time...and then some." Fortunately, nothing terribly scary happened in my neck of the woods although my Southern-roots family texted me with concern. (But I understand why; we never get this much at home.)

It happened on a Saturday, too—presenting the perfect time to sled. And that we did. My friend Steven borrowed one from a roommate, and a small group of us headed out to Riverside Park. The wind was so bad and that fog so thick, no one could see, and Jersey was nowhere in sight. Regardless, we sledded our hearts out, like we were all seven again. 

I don't know if we'll get another storm like this, but we finally got the snow we'd waited for all November and December (and almost all of January). It does take a little bit longer to get ready with all the layers, but I love the snow so much. I hope each of you will get to experience it, too (fun snow, not terrible blizzards).

|| pairs well with a snow day ||
Snow Ice Cream (yes, just try it)
Camp Socks (go to J.Crew)
TV Marathons (HGTV or Law & Order: SVU)
Friends (the more the merrier)
Grilled Cheese (add a little ham or bacon)
Dance Party (if you get snowed in)