upstate, ny

Chelsea Boots by Jack Erwin; Weekender Bag by Everlane

Chelsea Boots by Jack Erwin; Weekender Bag by Everlane

One of my goals this year is to travel more, but to do so with friends. Luckily, my buddy Steven mentioned at our New Year's Eve party that he too was wanting to travel more this year—a perfect duo for travel planning sparked. 

We had Monday off for MLK Day, so I knew I wanted to go somewhere with the long weekend. I wanted it to kickstart to my new travel endeavors. Luckily, Steven was off too.  

We didn't want to waste the precious relaxation time on long travels, so we chose Upstate, NY. While living in New York, I've quickly learned that "heading upstate" is a New Yorker's winter version of "heading to the beach (or Hamptons)" during the summer. It's magical (and some might say borderline cliche), but I argue that it's a "must do." 

Within a week, our duo quickly turned into a group of six—folks wanted in on the adventure. We selected a few criteria on Airbnb's website, and viola, we had a house booked for the weekend. 

Unfortunately, Hudson, NY doesn't offer Uber. We also weren't going to rent a car, so we needed to have a space close to the train station. But fortunately, the town offers a functional lay-out for this type of need. (Our house was on Union Street, which was only about a 5 minute walk from the Amtrak stop.) 

As the weekend continued, we quickly learned that the majority of the activity, food, and shopping offerings are all located on Warren Street. Again, this was just a quick 5 minute walk from the house. 

All in all, the weekend upstate provided a great weekend of rest and exploration. I highly encourage you to take advantage of long weekends to take a similar trip with close friends and loved ones. It's the perfect opportunity to further the relationships while trying new things in a new place. It changes up the rhythm of life and helps one focus on the things that matter. 

Below is a quick list of highlights from the trip:

  • Amtrak is a great experience. (This was my first ride.)
  • Food: Mexican Radio, American Glory BBQ, Moto Coffee
  • Warren Street is a furniture collector's dream (so many antique shops). 
  • You can get a solid 6 mile run in while picking up a Redbox movie.
  • Most things close on the earlier side, except for some restaurants. 
  • There are quite a few general stores that were my "dream come true" type places.
  • Sicario is a good movie, very deserving of its 3 Oscar nominations.