cityscape {no. eleven}

Summer is winding down, and I still don't have a new apartment. It's been a fairly stressful time, not going to lie. But I'm confident that the Lord will provide at just the right time. This process, very different from my first time searches, has certainly brought me back to reality in more ways than one financially and relationally. 

On multiple occasions I've had friends say, "Comparison is the thief of joy." It's so easy to appreciate the thoughtfulness and then move on to my searches and lists of brokers. Ultimately, I'm excited about the next few seasons in the city in my new place, with new roommates. I've learned that even when you think it's all together, you have to constantly come to the Lord in prayer because thieves easily sneak up and grab a hold of thoughts and emotions. 

For the Week

Manhattan Diner

Givenchy Topcoat

Lay Me Down