cityscape {no. six}


Now that the "first year in the city" celebrations have come to a close, it's exciting to think about all that will unfold in this next year. I've tried to take time to reflect on lessons learned, but it's hard to fully grasp and deliver them to you in such a way that fairly paints my picture. (I'm going to the #NewWhitney tomorrow night, so there will be metaphoric illustrations throughout this post—well, maybe just one more.)

I'm writing this "weekly recap" after having back to back nights of great conversation with two new friends Jordan and Tim. More will be told in coming posts I'm sure, but the point I hope to make is this: I'm learning how future planning meets present action. While I've always been a planner, I haven't always been actionable. This seems contradictory, but it's really just a result of being unsure and timid.

That's not #drewinthecity, so I'm learning in real time how to seek wisdom and improve. The goal is to vulnerably share the moments in life's journey, thrillingly chase after dreams, and honor God all along the way. Multiple hour long conversations are very rare in this city, so I'm thankful tonight to invest in them and gain new perspective from new friends.

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