cityscape {no. nine}

While I can't believe that August is here, I'm overjoyed to be spending the first few days of this new month with my family in Chicago. I just finished packing (well, almost finished), so now I'll be twisting and turning with anticipation until my alarm rings in a few hours. It's the first time I've ever been, so get ready for photography overload. 

This week was pretty standard at work but involved a ton of introductions and new friendships. I think I even found a new roommate for my September move. Through all of the week's activity, I've been constantly reminded of the Lord's timing and just how perfect it really is. Yes, I love to have plans, and I'm happy when things go according to that plan. However, it' such a liberating form of surrender and worship whenever we say, "Lord, here are my heart's desires; I give them to you. Please use me, my time, and my abilities to honor You." 

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