cityscape {no. eight}


This week has been a weird one emotionally as I anticipate the end of summer and beginning of fall. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but more life changes will be happening soon. Specifically, I'm moving apartments for a second time in four months because the rent increased a considerable amount—just ask if you want all the juicy details. 

Furthermore, I'm realizing how it's easy for me to lose trust in myself whenever change is on the horizon. I get too technical with projects and try to anticipate outsiders' responses. But through conversations with folks like you, there's been affirmation and joy through the context of prayer and quality time over the past 48 hours. Thank you for that. 

Today, I challenge each of you to call a friend or family member and thank them for believing in you even in the moments when you stopped feeling confident in yourself. Don't overthink it; just trust your gut. 

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