cityscape {no. seven}

Connection is the theme of this week. By that, I mean staying in community with old and new friends. While it might not look the same each and every time, friends do what they can to stay in touch. Specifically, this theme kicked off with an 1.5 hr phone conversation with Daniel, my college roommate. I was leaving the #NewWhitney, so ended up walking all the way home while we talked. (For those not in New York, that's about 85 blocks.)

Interactions continued throughout the week over coffee with my former college ministers who were in town on a mission trip, via Facebook with friends from high school, and on a rooftop while celebrating a friend who's about to move abroad for school. All in all, I've learned that I'll never know how and why I meet someone until it happens. I'll also never know when I might happen upon them again, but I'm forever thankful that the Lord's plan is perfect and sovereign in the ways He weaves our stories together—if even for a short season.

For the Week


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