the question, "why?"

There's this moment in literature/film when it's hard to tell what's coming around the corner. It's that point when the next scene could be predicted in a number of different ways, through various perspectives or narrative eyes. Some call it "writer's block," and still others call it “suspenseful scenes” or "plot twists.” At this point in my blogging journey, I call it a "creative crossroads," and at the center of it all is this: what makes this different?
Change, in its fullest form, is a hard thing to grasp all at once. It takes time for prayer and rest, but it seems as if those are the last things we're able actually able to execute well. There are loose ends to tie up and bags to pack; it's as if one is treading in a deep end full of tasks. Among the tasks lies the question, "Am I changing in response to emotion, or am I changing paths for the promise of growth and out of obedience to His call?" 
Throughout the various seasons of change in my life, writing has always been my outlet. It's my space to ramble, and vent and to process dealings with love and loss. It’s how I cease the noise inside my head. Usually, these writings manifest themselves as lists of goals, and short stories or prayers and attempts at poetry. Only recently, during my college years, did all of this transition into the online space of blogging.
I like this medium because it forces me to be little more thoughtful and vulnerable, which often brings about creative strength and freedom. There's this sort of hope that wells within—knowing that those reading are feeling what I'm feeling. 
I’ve started and finished a handful of blogs over the past five years, but they were all missing one key thing: honest connection. I lost my sense of self by trying to provide content for any and every type of situation without sense of voice or tone. It was a lot of "I think this will work, but no, this will work." There was no planning, no answer to the "why am I doing this" question. Honestly, I did those projects for me. I would write my feelings out and then click "Submit." 
Recently, a good friend of mine was looking over my the specs for this new endeavor. She said, "I've followed much of your journey through the blogging world. How will this project be different, and how will it stick?" My answer to her was, "This will be the most focused project I've ever delivered. I now have brand standards and guidelines for exploration that have been compiled as a result of conversations with folks like yourself. Vision has been cast."
While I’m excited about this project, it won’t be perfect. I still have things to learn, but I now have perspective on how best to learn and empower. Let's do this, folks!