cityscape {no. thirteen}

It's November, y'all. How can it be? Yes, I realize that this month always comes after October, but I don't remember is happening so fast last year. 

Since this is the 13th installment of #cityscape, I had every intention of making it about Halloween. The holiday has never been a huge milestone in my life for me, but it certainly is quite the spectacle in New York City—children and adults alike absolutely love it. 

Instead, I want to pose a question for each of you to ponder. Are your actions and words received in the way that they're originally intended, and do you take the feedback well when the answer is "no?" 

I've realized lately that I've been unwilling to have others speak that truth into my life. I usually tend to role play conversations in my head before delivery to make sure I'm saying everything as eloquently as I can, but that fact often times means that I live stuff out when I actually have the conversation. My mind thinks I've already said it aloud, leading to miscommunications about plans with friends or how I'm feeling about life.

This is where the necessity of balance takes center stage. Are we preparing thoroughly for more confrontational or deep conversations, and are we willing for the response even if it's not what was originally planned or expected? This is living life in community at its finest, filled with love and humility. I don't do this well everyday, but I'm praying that healing and proactive listening will strike a cord in my life.

So, I ask you to answer the aforementioned questions and then take action based on how the Lord moves in and through your life. There are people longing for relationships; may we take the next step because Jesus has ultimately already taken the first step for us.


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