cityscape {no. twelve}

Relationships are fun to see develop. I've watched couples date and get married, companies design and collaborate, and initiatives unfold and trail blaze. Sometimes, these bonds happen rather quickly, but I'm finding that they usually need time to simmer. Authenticity is key. 

Lately, I've seen this unfold for me specifically in a number of different ways, personally and professionally. The timing of these realizations couldn't have a come at a better time, so all praise to Him for knowing just the right time and just the right encounter. I'd been trying to force things for my own pleasure instead of investing in storytelling and relationship building. 

One example of this is Popbar, a local dessert organization that visited our office a few times in May. Over the past five months, I've had the opportunity to meet with a few of their leaders and hear their stories about and dreams for the company. If you haven't visited them, definitely make it a point to do so soon. Yes, even in the winter months, cold pops are very satisfying. (My personal favorites are Passionfruit and Dulce de Leche.)

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