What's This?

Admittedly, I’ve been busy, getting acclimated to a new job and managing a few volunteer responsibilities. I was pleased with the momentum I had towards the backend of the summer, but I've had to prioritize other things over the past few weeks.

Additionally, I’ve had a lot on my mind (with so much happening in the news, etc.). I haven’t known how to best put it to words, which has kept me from posting.

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Be Our Guest

Honestly, I don't know if this "appointment" was part of some punishment to reign in my "wild man jack" tendencies or if I voluntarily joined. (I tied my dad's shoelaces together once during a Sunday morning service, so it's probably the former.) Nevertheless, my experience serving in this capacity opened my eyes to hospitality and the fact that it is definitely part of my gifting. 

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Kiss the Girl; No, Wait

This season is one that will bring many changes and struggles, so find a place (and hopefully it’s church) to be known and loved. And here, I mean fully known and loved. No masks. No half-stories. No shame. No “let me fix myself up first, then I’ll come.”

Come as you are, and trust God with the rest. And while this point is listed last in the book, I’d suggest that it should be your first step.

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